Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Arts and Business Combine Forces in Bournemouth

BOURNEMOUTH Creative Breaks is the name of a new weekend break concept inspired by the town’s traditional identity as place for rest and mental recuperation.

Devised by three local artists, working with a hotel just three minutes from the beach, the holiday will offer guests who are feeling overwhelmed or jaded a chance to do something completely out of routine.

After all, a change is as good as a rest. With this idea, you get both.

By doing something gently creative: writing, drumming, music-making; drawing or painting in small groups, guests will be able to experiment in a laid-back and friendly environment, as well as enjoying the traditional pleasures of a weekend by the seaside.

 “We’re offering something different, something for people who feel they’ve lost touch with the spontaneous and creative side of their natures,” said community musician Laura Cousins.

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Laura is a 40-something mother of two who has been running Percussion Fun For Everyone workshops for the last seven years.

“People get into their heads that they're incapable of drawing a picture, or of writing anything interesting about themselves, or of making original music. Our weekends are designed to get people to let go of their daily baggage and get them PLAYING again.

“Just seeing the sea and our pine trees makes people feel better. After consultation with local hoteliers, we identified a demand for structured holidays that motivate people to get the most out of a visit to an unfamiliar place. Even if it rains, you’ll still have achieved something.”

“Music, painting and creative writing can free up the mind. I worked in the City of London for two years, which I didn’t enjoy,” says writer Brian Jenner. “It was my going on one walking weekend out of town with some unconventional types that persuaded me that I had to find a new job.”

Brian moved to Bournemouth from London in 2004 and saw the potential for the town.

“Because Bournemouth is nearly two hours from London it initially felt a little isolated, but the quality of life here is so much higher than almost anywhere else in the UK. Bournemouth is now proving to be a magnet for creative and unconventional types, who can connect with their workplaces through the internet.”

The first Bournemouth Creative Break will be over the weekend of September 30th – October 2nd, at the Arlington Hotel.

You can book online now on the Arlington Hotel website.


  1. Congratulations, this is a really positive move and wonderful concept. I wish you well with this.

  2. Thank you Rosie! I must say, we're all pretty excited about it. I'm even starting to think of FUTURE Creative Breaks, with different workshops. So if you've any ideas or recommendations, I'd love to hear them.