Thursday, 14 April 2011

My iPod Touch, and how I couldn't do this job without it now

iPod Touch, Echofon, Twitter, Working form home

One of the most useful 'business' tools I've added to my little arsenal (telephone, digital camera, MacBook, car) is actually my iPod Touch.

Originally I used this handy little thing mainly for listening to music, podcasts and audio books, as well as playing games occasionally. (*cough* er.. honestly, just every now and then, the odd game of Solitaire.)

iPod Touch, apps, working from home

But now I've discovered what a powerful little tool it is for helping me get this whole thing off the ground. It is so utterly portable - it weighs even less than an iPhone - that I can take it with me all round the house and garden, bringing the concept of "working from home" smack bang into the 21st Century for me.

I use it a lot, for example, for Twitter. I have three Twitter streams for the various different elements of my life, and the App I use (Echofon for iPhone, if you're interested) and it allows me to tweet even more easily than I can from my MacBook - for example, I can instantly switch between Twitter identities without having so sign out and sign in again, and I can re-tweet with a comment, which is harder to do via my web browser.

I can also re-tweet myself, which saves a great deal of time when I am seeking to get my message across to different time-zones.

iPod Touch, apps, Echofon, Twitter, screenshot

My iPod Touch, this natty little gizmo, means I can manage Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (though the app I use is not entirely satisfactory - I'd love to hear your recommendations of other apps) from anywhere in the house .. or garden. I can Tweet from the hen house. I can connect with people on LinkedIn whilst 'chained' to the kitchen sink. I can fart about on Facebook whilst looking in the bathroom mirror, and polish up my Eventbrite page whilst dusting my bookshelves. It's fabulous.


  1. I is well jelluss :)~

  2. What else do you do with it? I've switched to using my Android phone, but started by using my Touch. Please let us know what you do on yours, what other apps you use, and why you prefer it over other devices. If you would. Please.

  3. 'Nette, I got mine second hand off eBay. Amy, well - I have never used other devices, so I cannot compare and contrast, I'm afraid. I do more or less everything on it that I would normally do on my MacBook. It can detect open wi-fi even when I am away from home, so it lets me stay up to date. Apps I use - other than those already mentioned - include lots of fun music-making apps like Aura Flux (divine) and Beatwave (invaluable) as well as Bebot which is fantastic for clients with physical disabilities. I use the ToDo app every day to keep my reminders lists in. I use a variety of on-line radio apps to listen to radio broadcasts all over the world. I use my iPod as a Kindle with the Kindle app. I have a very cool metronome on it which has finally taught me what 12/8 time sounds like. I watch YouTube, read the BBC and the Huffington Post and have ALL of my digital music on there (it's 64kb). Plus I can check the weather worldwide and see what time it is in New Jersey :-)

  4. I have to agree, without my HTC desire I would never be able to be as productive as I like to think I am!! I'm always a couple of taps from the office which has its downside, but for a workaholic such as myself, its a must have!!

  5. I spy a game of freebie fishing!!

    Lemme know if you catch anything ;-P

    ......runs away

  6. Well Bob, you probably won't believe this, but I NEVER expect anything for free. I don't know which one of us is the more cynical!

  7. .....hangs head in shame......

  8. actually, I have a 'droid myself and while I agree they're fantastic I do wake in a cold sweat sometimes after dreaming I've left it on the bus or somesuch.

    ....wanders off to make *another* backup