Sunday, 12 June 2011

What is "Art With A Difference"?

Art is an ongoing experience and Trish Jubb's sessions are designed to be accessible for anyone, from the person who hasn’t drawn since primary school to the regular enthusiast. She says: "We're on a voyage of discovery; not so much intending to produce a finished masterpiece, as to break down the walls that stop us from enjoying art or from trying something different."

Art Facilitator Trish Jubb
The plans for such a session tend to be fluid enough to be able to respond quickly to people's individual needs, and as such, they evolve. As with the Life Music session, it's not easy to give an exact description of activities. However, a typical session might go something like this:


Warm ups – art is like exercise! The group could begin with some easy drawing activities to loosen up and get in the mood - starting with literally scribbling, then another exercise like drawing without looking at the paper.

"Jeremy" by Trish Jubb. All rights reserved.
Tips and tricks – a few suggestions to help you get what you want on the page. The basics of 'how to draw', introducing straightforward hints and ideas that will be of value to everyone but not too taxing. There are no barriers, no 'right way' or 'wrong' way to do art.

New ideas – trying out some different ways of making art – making pictures doesn’t always need to be all about pencils and paint! A gentle introduction to 'mixed media' – that is, different ways and different materials with which to make pictures.

The SECOND HALF of the session is all about what you want to do. It'll give a chance to spend a bit more time on something which appeals specifically – say, working with a technique you tried in the first half of the session, or something you have seen someone else working with; getting some individual drawing tuition, or even some discussion and exploration of something you brought with you. Please feel free to bring along anything you are working on or any materials you may like to work with.

"Autumn Glow" by Trish Jubb. All rights reserved.

"Going" by Trish Jubb. All rights reserved.

Art materials will be available you outside of the session if you'd like to carry on with what you're doing, and on the Saturday afternoon Trish will be in the hotel for anyone who wishes to join her. To book your Early Bird ticket for the first Bournemouth Creative Break, which runs from Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October, visit the Arlington Hotel website.

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