Friday, 21 October 2011

Feedback from the first Bournemouth Creative Break.

Here at Bournemouth Creative Breaks, we were just thrilled with how the workshops on our first weekend went. We were lucky enough to secure the services of local artist and teacher Trish Jubb, who is fast earning the reputation of being one of the very best Life Drawing tutors here on the South Coast.

Trish was ably supported by two very experienced models. You can be forgiven for thinking that being a Life Model is simple - just a question of taking your clothes off and standing still - but there is a great deal more to it than that. A really great model is able to know intuitively what sort of pose is suitable for what the tutor is asking the students to do, and that the pose will be one that the model can hold for the required amount of time. Try standing with legs bent and your arms spread out in the air for more than about a minute, without moving, and see what I mean.

The day dawned beautifully warm and sunny for October, but this meant that all of our refreshment breaks could be taken out doors, overlooking the vibrant Lower Gardens here in Bournemouth.

Here are some photographs and verbatim comments from the Life Drawing workshops.

Exercises included: "Work with your non-dominant hand"


"All the paper and equipment was provided by the tutor and she wanted us to use as much paper as we needed.  I also got to try new materials that I'd not used before.  Tutor gave us free reign to do our own drawing in our own styles and gave us advice if she felt it was needed."

Some of the musical instruments in the hotel

Enjoying coffee and biscuits in the lounge

"Nice welcome and atmosphere, friendly staff, clean.  Lovely coffee, great views over Bournemouth Gardens.  Really enjoyed the delicious sandwiches at lunchtime - it was fantastic sitting outside listening to the man singing on the Bandstand."

Trish Jubb working with a guest

"I've been to a number of life drawing classes in the past and often the teacher just leaves people to get on with it. Trish's exercises were really useful, and she explained everything very well and didn't try and teach too much at once."


Another of the exercises was: "Draw with BOTH of your hands. At the SAME TIME!" 

"Trish the teacher was very professional and introduced each exercise with new tips - so we didn't have a whole list to remember through the day.  It was a progression of skill building - and felt very natural.  The models were good fun and at ease with their task too.  It was fun to try different materials, and using different coloured paper was good rather than it all being white."

"I love art and find it my therapy to help me cope with all that life throws at me. Today gave me hope again that I still could go to art college and achieve what i wanted to all those years ago. It was wonderful and so fulfilling to get positive guidance from Trish and all the other lovely people there."

Even the lunch was something of a still life

"We were keep busy, but not overloaded throughout the day - which meant getting the best value from the time on offer.  I felt that by the end of the day my confidence in my abilities had been enhanced, and it was all good fun in a friendly, supportive atmosphere."

"All in all a fun and useful day - I would recommend this to friends."

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