All of the photographs of Bournemouth and the surrounding area that grace this website are taken by HOWARD SHEPHERD.

Grateful thanks to Jeanette House, the artist who designed the colour scheme for this blog.

Jeanette House, artist, painter, paintings Jeanette House

Brian Jenner, Speechwriter, author, events organiser Brian Jenner

Laura Cousins, therapeutic music for those with learning or physical difficulties, music therapyLaura Cousins

Trish Jubb, artist, painter, life drawing

Trish Jubb

Chichester Creative Network

The Chichester Creative Network

The Peacock Art Gallery, Upton House, Poole The Peacock Gallery, Poole

Alan King, photographer, Digital Artist, Massurreal Artist, Alan King

Illusio Creative Lorrie Whittington, Visual Artist and Designer, Chichester, UK Handmade - a showcase for the work of talented UK designer / makers.